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Case Study

  • Eva 38 and Nathan 41 with one son (Age 10) and one daughter (Age 6). They applied for immigration of parents three years ago, application still in process. Eva does day job and Nathan does night shift only for the reason that one of them is home all the times because of kids.After starting of super visa Application in 2011, They applied for the same for Eva's parents - who came to Parentsupervisa within 5 weeks. Grandparents were happy to meet with grandkids.Nathan now also does day shift as parents of Eva can take care of kids. Happy Family and reunited.
  • Caroline 44 single mom with 2 kids Jennifer (Age 8) and Amanda (Age 6). Caroline's mom always wanted to help her and would stay for 6 months and then go to US for few days and return back to Parentsupervisa for another 6 months. Not only she had additional cost of travel, she had to handle stress of travelling to and fro.Now her mom got super visa and can stay for 2 years without worrying about leaving Parentsupervisa and re-entering every 6 months.

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