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Super Visa Insurance - Premium Refund Rules

A Visitor to Canada policy issued for a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa to comply with the requirements set out by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) can only be cancelled in the following circumstances. Prior to the Effective date of coverage:
  • The application for a "Super Visa" was rejected by CIC (a copy of the refusal letter will be required as proof).
  • The applicant dies before arrival (a copy of the death certificate will be required as proof)
After the Effective date:
  • The Insured dies after arrival (a copy of the death certificate will be required as proof)
  • The Insured returns to their country of origin (proof of departure will be required, normally in the form of a boarding pass)

In ALL cases there will be an administration fee of $25 and no refund will be available if there has been a claim under the policy.

If the applicant will not arrive by the original policy Effective Date, there are 2 options to consider:
  • If the applicant does not expect to arrive until many months later or the Super Visa has not yet been granted, we will advance the effective date to a more suitable date (perhaps 6 months later).
  • Note: When the policy is initially issued, the Effective Date should be set far enough in advance to ensure that the Insured has time to get the Visa approved and travel arrangements made.
  • If the applicant expects to be arriving within the 3 months following the original Effective Date, you can mend the policy for a period of up to 3 months (30-days at a time). Simply call us with your policy number, and we will have all the arrangements complete. Any changes must be completed before the Effective Date selected on your policy or penalties will be charged. A $25 administration fee will apply every time you require your Effective Date changed, if changed more than once. We must be notified within the 30-day hold periods of your pended policy to be able to make any changes without charging administration fees.
Partial Refund Policy

After the policy goes into effect (early return to home country) can be obtained with proof of travel and/or a copy of the Super Visa showing any conditions stipulated at the time of entry into Canada. However, we recommend that the policy be kept in force if the insured will return to Canada shortly after they leave, as proof of insurance may be required at the time of re-entry. Partial refunds will not be provided if a claim has been submitted or is pending.
Should you can call us for any question please call us at 1-877 525 1278.


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