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What is Super Visa?

Launched in December 2011 in Canada, Super visa program has made it simpler and quicker to get back together with your parent and grandparents. This program states that the parent or grandparent of the Canadian citizen is allowed to stay in Canada for two years maximum, without leaving Canada. It is a multiple entry visa and it is valid for ten years.

If you are planning to apply for Parent Super Visa you need to buy a private medical insurance.

For more information to be eligible for this visa. See Parent Super Visa Requirements Detail and Compare Detail latest and most affordable Super Visa Insurance plans from a Canadian company and be covered before visit to Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Super Visa
This govt. website gives important information to go through to understand super visa insurance requirement and even go through our list of requirement to understand super visa insurance.

Canadian visa application for parents
Parents and grandparents super visa insurance is great opportunity to have visa for 10 years and stay 2 years in one go.


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