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If you invite your parents or grandparents to Toronto, ensuring their well-being is a top priority. Super Visa Insurance is key in this process, offering you peace of mind and financial security. Let's dive into what Super Visa Insurance is all about.

What is Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa Insurance serves as a specialized insurance policy tailored for visitors to Canada, specifically targeting parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Acquiring a Super Visa is a compulsory prerequisite for prolonged stays in Canada. Obtaining a Super Visa is a mandatory requirement for extended stays in Canada. This insurance provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, ensuring that the insured individuals receive necessary medical care during their visit. Super Visa Insurance offers financial security, compliance with visa requirements, and peace of mind to sponsors, as they are responsible for their family members' well-being in Canada. This policy also covers travel to and from Canada, ensuring a safe and secure journey for loved ones.

Benefits of Super Visa Insurance in Toronto

Super Visa Insurance in Toronto provides a range of invaluable benefits for both Canadian citizens and their parents or grandparents visiting from abroad. This specialized insurance coverage ensures a smooth and secure visit. Here's a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Financial Security:

    Super Visa Insurance grants you the peace of mind that your loved ones enjoy financial protection in case of unforeseen medical expenses. It shields you from hefty bills and enables your family to access the best care.

  • Compliance with Super Visa Requirements:

    It's crucial to understand that Super Visa Insurance is mandatory for obtaining a Super Visa. With this coverage, you can streamline the application process and increase the chances of visa approval.

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage:

    Super Visa Insurance provides extensive medical coverage during your family members' stay in Toronto. This coverage includes hospitalization, doctor visits, emergency care, and more, ensuring your family's health is in good hands.

  • Coverage During Travel:

    Super Visa Insurance doesn't just protect your family in Canada. It also covers them during their journey to and from the country. This comprehensive protection ensures that they're safe throughout their entire travel experience.

  • Flexible Payment Options:

    Many insurance providers facilitate paying for Super Visa Insurance in monthly installments, simplifying the management of your finances. This ensures you can provide the required coverage without a substantial upfront payment.

  • Refund Options:

    Super Visa Insurance policies often offer refund options. Suppose your loved ones leave Canada before their Super Visa period expires. In that case, you can apply for a partial refund, saving you money on unused coverage. Moreover, if the Super Visa application is not approved, you can get a full refund of your insurance premium.

What is the Requirement for the Best Super Visa Insurance in Toronto?

  • LICO Table

    When obtaining the best Super Visa Insurance in Toronto, understanding the "LICO Table" requirement is essential. The Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) Table is a key factor that you must consider to ensure your Super Visa application meets the necessary financial criteria.

    The LICO Table is an official measure used by the Canadian government to determine the minimum income required to sponsor family members under the Super Visa program. It acts as a guideline to assess your financial capability to support your visiting family during their stay in Toronto.

    Number of Family Members

    Minimum Income (in Canadian Dollars)













    7 or more


    If more than seven persons, for each additional person, add


    This table outlines specific income thresholds based on the size of your family unit, including the number of family members you plan to sponsor. These thresholds are regularly updated to reflect the cost of living and other economic factors, ensuring the financial requirements remain relevant.

    To ensure that your Super Visa application meets the financial criteria, you must compare your annual income to the threshold specified in the LICO Table for the corresponding family size. Your income must exceed this threshold to demonstrate your ability to provide financial support to your family members while they are in Canada.

    Remember that the LICO Table can change yearly, so it's crucial to refer to the most current version when preparing your Super Visa application. Please meet the income requirement specified in the LICO Table to avoid the rejection of your application.

  • Sufficient Healthcare Protection

    Sufficient Health Protection is a vital prerequisite for Super Visa applicants in Toronto, particularly for parents and grandparents coming to visit their relatives in Canada. This coverage guarantees that, in the event of a medical emergency, the visitor can access essential healthcare services without burdening their host's finances.

    For parents, comprehensive medical coverage acts as a safeguard against unforeseen medical expenses, which can be substantial in Canada. This includes provisions for hospitalization, medical consultations, prescription medications, and more.

    Selecting a Super Visa insurance plan that aligns with the Canadian government's minimum coverage criteria is crucial. Typically, this entails coverage of approximately $100,000, valid for a minimum of one year from the visitor's entry date.
    In essence, adequate health protection is very important for ensuring the peace of mind of parents and grandparents during their stay in Canada, shielding them from unexpected medical costs. It stands as a fundamental component of the Super Visa application process and should not be underestimated.


Understanding the refund options associated with your Super Visa Insurance is a significant requirement that adds flexibility to your financial planning. Different scenarios may warrant various types of refunds.

  • Flexible Monthly Installment Payment:

    When seeking the best Super Visa Insurance plans in Toronto, one of the key aspects to consider is the availability of flexible monthly installment payments. This feature not only ensures comprehensive coverage but also allows you to manage your finances conveniently. It enables you to distribute the cost of insurance over time, which, in turn, eases the financial burden and ensures you can maintain coverage without straining your budget.

    This feature is particularly important for those planning to bring their loved ones to Toronto under the Super Visa program. As you prepare to host family members, ensuring that you have adequate insurance coverage is a top priority. Flexible monthly installment payments give you peace of mind, knowing that you can meet your insurance obligations without compromising your financial stability.

    With this approach, you can concentrate on crafting memorable moments with your family while ensuring the safety of their health and well-being. The ability to pay for insurance for Super Visa in Toronto through monthly installments adds an extra layer of convenience to the process, allowing you to provide a secure and welcoming environment for your visiting family members. In Toronto, where family is paramount, this flexible payment option ensures you can prioritize what matters most – quality time with your loved ones.

  • Partial Refund for Unused Period:

    Suppose your family members leave Canada before their Super Visa period concludes. In that case, you should be able to apply for a partial refund. This feature ensures you don't pay for unused insurance coverage, giving you financial flexibility.

  • Full Refund In Case Visa Is Not Approved:

    The best Super Visa Insurance plans should also offer a full refund of the money you've paid if the Super Visa application needs to be approved. This guarantee provides peace of mind, knowing that your financial investment is secure if your loved ones cannot visit as planned.

How Does Medical Insurance Work for Super Visa?

Super Visa Medical Insurance is a fundamental aspect of the Super Visa application, providing essential healthcare coverage for visiting family members during their stay in Canada. This concise guide outlines how Super Visa Medical Insurance works, ensuring that your loved ones receive the necessary medical care while exploring Canada and offering peace of mind to sponsors.

  • Super Visa Medical Insurance covers essential medical services, including hospitalization, emergency care, and outpatient visits
  • In the event of a medical issue, the insured individual or their sponsor contacts the insurance provider to initiate the claims process
  • Approved claims cover medical expenses such as physician fees, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, and prescription medications
  • The insurance coverage duration aligns with the Super Visa period, ensuring that your loved ones are protected throughout their stay in Canada
  • Super Visa Medical Insurance is a critical safety net that offers financial security and access to quality healthcare, reflecting your commitment to your family's well-being during their visit

If you don't Have Super Visa Medical Insurance

If You Don't Have Super Visa Medical Insurance, understanding the financial implications of not having Super Visa Insurance is crucial.

Get Ready to Pay the Below Prices

Without Super Visa Medical Insurance, you may find yourself facing significant expenses in the event of a medical emergency or routine healthcare needs. These costs can rapidly accumulate and burden you financially.

  • Preferred Accommodation (Daily Rates)

    One of the consequences of going without Super Visa Medical Insurance is that you may be responsible for covering preferred accommodation costs, which can be quite substantial. This includes daily rates for lodging, adding to your overall expenses.

  • Outpatient Visit Charges

    The absence of insurance means you'll need to cover outpatient visit charges. These costs include consultations with healthcare professionals and various medical services, which can be expensive

  • Uninsured Daily Inpatient Room Rate

    Remember that the Super Visa Insurance policy typically doesn't cover the daily inpatient room rate. This expense may need to be paid separately

  • Excludes Physician Fee And Cost Of Implants

    The insurance policy may also exclude certain medical fees and implant costs, which you must pay out of pocket

Super Visa Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition

Super Visa Insurance offers valuable options for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, ensuring they can still obtain essential coverage. While pre-existing conditions can pose challenges in obtaining insurance, Super Visa Insurance providers often offer specialized plans to accommodate these circumstances. These plans offer coverage for existing health conditions, giving sponsors and family members peace of mind. This feature ensures that even with pre-existing medical conditions, your loved ones can access necessary healthcare services during their stay in Canada, making their visit safe and secure.

What Does Super Visa Medical Insurance Cover?

At its core, Super Visa Medical Insurance provides coverage for a range of essential medical services, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitalization:

    If your family member requires hospitalization, Super Visa Medical Insurance covers the associated expenses, ensuring they receive the care they need without the financial burden

  • Emergency Medical Care:

    When an unexpected medical emergency arises, the insurance plan covers the costs of emergency medical services, ambulance transportation, and urgent treatments

  • Outpatient Services:

    Super Visa Medical Insurance includes coverage for outpatient visits, encompassing consultations with healthcare professionals, diagnostic tests, laboratory fees, and follow-up appointments. This comprehensive coverage guarantees that your family has access to quality healthcare

  • Prescription Medications:

    Prescription medication expenses can accumulate rapidly. Super Visa Medical Insurance typically covers the costs associated with essential medications, guaranteeing that your loved ones can access vital treatments

  • Travel Insurance:

    Super Visa Medical Insurance often includes travel insurance, which extends coverage for your family members during their journey to and from Canada. This coverage ensures their safety and well-being throughout the entire process.


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Q. What Is the Minimum Insurance for Super Visa Insurance in Toronto?

A: The minimum insurance requirement may vary, but it's typically determined by the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) for the year. Check the LICO Table for the specific amount in 2023.

Q. Is Insurance Mandatory for Super Visa Canada?

A. Yes, Super Visa Insurance is mandatory for Super Visa approval in Canada.

Q. How Much Is Super Visa Insurance for Toronto per Month?

A. The cost of Super Visa Insurance can vary based on factors like age and coverage. It's recommended to obtain quotes from insurance providers for accurate pricing.

Q. How to Get Medical Insurance for Super Visa Insurance?

A. To get Super Visa Insurance, you can contact insurance providers in Toronto who offer specialized policies for Super Visa applicants. They will guide you through the application process and provide the necessary coverage.

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