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Get Canadian Super Visa Medical Insurance

To Apply for Super Visa Emergency Medical Insurance OR Health Insurance in Canada Please Fill the form below to get the lowest prices online,
Please call us at 1-877-525-1278 (Our Office) 1-877-525-1278 ext 137 (Toll Free#)

To buy super visa insurance parent in Canada, does not have to go through the medical test, or neither they have to be present in Canada, all you have to do is just complete medical questionnaire if required at time of the application.

To apply for the super visa insurance is very easy and simplified process with

Its more beneficiary to start the super visa application process early as you may require to ask your parent grandparents about their health or even need to consult their family doctor to answer health questionnaire if required which gives you enough time to apply and understand the whole process.

We here at Parent Super Visa INC advise to read all policies as we are provider of all super visa insurance comparison we shop for you therefore, you have the opportunity to review sample policies well ahead in time even before you make the decision to proceed with the super visa insurance.

We have two major kinds of policies one policy which will cover pre-existing conditions on the other hand the basic policy which does not cover pre-existing medical condition if the parents are healthy individual.

Even for the comprehensive policy to cover the pre-existing condition there is a definition of STABILITY which means pre-existing conditions must be stable before coming to Canada over the past 180 days, definition of the stability varies from provider to provider kindly read bought or sample policies to make sure and no surprises.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or lung disease may be excluded from the super visa insurance even they are stable from the past 90 to 365 days.

Super visa insurance is for the emergency treatment not for the regular medical examination or regular dental work, emergency accidental dental is covered on various policies up to certain limits only.

Medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company which is valid for a minimum of one year and offers a minimum of $100,000 in coverage for health care, hospitalization and repatriation.

Canadian Medical Insurance Cost for Super Visa Health and Super Visa Medical Insurance to Canada 1 YEAR $100,000 Protection

Deductible $1000 $250 $0
Covers stable pre-existing medical conditions (HBP:High Blood Pressure only, call for others conditions) HBP HBP HBP
Age: $/Year $/Year $/Year
41 to 55 (Guaranteed lowest quote in Canada) 1,068 1,126 1,186
56 to 64 (Guaranteed lowest quote in Canada) 1,396 1,474 1,551
65 to 69 1,642 1,734 1,825
70 to 71 2,135 2,254 2,372
72 to 74 2,381 2,514 2,646
75 to 81 2,464 2,600 2,737
82 to 86 3,614 3,814 4,015

Simply fill the form below and have comparison from all Insurance companies providers.


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