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Parents must submit that they bought Canadian Super Visa Emergency Medical Policy that i.e
  • Covering Parents for the duration for 1 Year.
  • Covering Emergency Medical coverage min 100,000 or more.
  • Policy covers Repatriation, Hospitalization, Emergency Medical Care.
  • Guaranteed Canadian Lowest Rates.

Our Signature Plan

The Real Comprehensive Plan--Great Value for your money.

Most insurance plans for Super Visa are for medical emergencies only. We are proud to bring to you a plan that is a real comprehensive plan, in addition to the coverage for medical emergencies, it also covers non-medical emergency for the following benefits:-

A. – Annual check-up*

Just like you can go to your family doctor for an annual check-up, the same way your parents can also go for an annual check-up and use the benefit up to $250 for the doctor visit or lab tests, etc.

B. - Eye Exam*

Once a year, you can get eyes examined up to $100 benefit and can be a routine checkup, does not have to an emergency.

C. – Vaccines*

Up to $100 for vaccines and is non-emergency treatment.

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