Super Visa Insurance Requirement

Super Visa Insurance Requirement

To start application on the super visa please note the following


  • be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada,
  • legally allowed to enter Canada
  • meet basic other all conditions as well


Officers also see other things, parents should have the real attention to visit canada  must  leave on time.

  • your family ties to your home origin,
  • the purpose of travel
  • your  finances,
  • an invitation

You must also:

Super Visa Insurance Edmonton

super visa insurance Edmonton

4723 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2G 4Y8
2020 – 10060 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3R8
10060 Jasper Ave,Tower 1, Suite 2020 Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
Regus Bankers Hall
888 – 3rd Street SW., 10th Floor, West Tower
Calagary, Alberta, T2P 5C5
403-800-4249 , 780-800-2478

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super visa insurance monthly payment

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment

21st century super visa insurance instalment

under written by Manulife Insurance company

BENEFITS IN THE POLICY super visa insurance monthly payment
MAXIMUM benefit 100,000 coverage policy super visa insurance monthly plan purchase

Hospital and medical expenses – 

  – Medical Appliances
  – Professional Medical
  – Diagnostic services
  – Ambulance 
  – Prescription drugs coverage
  – Funeral Expenses coverage
  – Emergency  coverage
  – Accidental Dental coverage
  – Dental Emergencies coverage
  – Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage 
  – Re-occurrence of already claimed medical condition coverage
– Flight to/from Canada coverage to leaving your country of origin coverage



super visa insurance cost

Visitors and IMMIGRANTS to Canada on super visa insurance

Visiting Canada or living in canada like your new home MSG canada insurance will provide you all Emergency Super visa insurance needs While you are in the Canada, on Super visa insurance

super visa insurance cost

The Immigrants and visitor to canada is only solution for Super visa insurance applicants, it gives you 365 days coverage for the emergency needs while in canada we have the option that in one year you can also return to country of origin as many times you want without the need to repurchase the insurance again-our application is simple

select 100,000 super visa insurance cost plan

select deductible options $0,!00$,$500,$1000 and even higher

NO health questions asked most of the plans

super visa insurance cost

NO need of having waiting period just buy before you enter canada else 48 hours waiting period applies.





Parents do not have to leave Canada

Does your parents want to apply to Canada for super visa  then you need to buy  insurance from any Canadian insure company. This insurance allows parents to live in Canada for 24 months.

This  visa is valid for 10 years and parents do not have to leave Canada.

Now if you  are  looking for a good health insurance for your grandparent /parent for whom will apply for new visa one of the key  requirement is to have the insurance for 100,000 medical  coverage for health care ,hospitalization and repatriation.

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