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When you are on a vacation, you shouldn't be worried about the impact of a sickness or accident on your travel plans. A good travel insurance can help you put those worries on the wayside for a reasonable cost.

Our aim is to offer the best possible insurance solutions to meet the emerging healthcare needs of Canadians at affordable prices.

Whether you are visiting Canada under the Super Visa Program for Parents and Grandparents, International Experience Canada (IEC) Program, Youth Mobility Program, as a Student, or under any other visa category; we have the expertise to provide you comprehensive coverage at the best rates available depending upon your age, length of stay and pre-existing conditions.

Health care costs in a country other than your own can be exorbitant besides being a big hassle for you. In many cases, hospitals and other medical facilities refuse to pay for your care prior to treatment even if you have insurance and may even refuse to treat you in some cases. Keeping in mind all the needs of people visiting Canada, our professionals are adept at suggesting the best possible, low-cost solutions to you that would take care of all your requirements and give you the maximum coverage.      

We are a trusted and reputable insurance provider with over 20 years’ experience in Health insurance, Medical insurance, Super Visa insurance, Visitor’s Insurance, and regular travel insurance for Canadian travelers. All our products are in accordance with the CIC’s latest updates on insurance.

Don’t fall prey to an unfortunate circumstance without an adequate travel insurance that does not do the job you need it to. Contact us today! detail

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