FAQs - Parent Super Visa Insurance


Q. Who require super visa insurance?

A: Super Visa insurance Canada is one of the conditions for receiving a super visa. It is specially designed to cover the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are visiting Canada and want to stay for up to two years. Your application will be approved only if you have the minimal insurance coverage legally required, which will be guaranteed by a super visa insurance Canada policy.

Q. What does Super visa insurance Cover?

A. Super visa insurance covers the medical expenses of permanent Canadian citizens and residents' parents and grandparents. Super visa insurance in Canada often covers:
  • Emergency Hospital care
  • Dental care in an emergency
  • X-rays and other diagnostic services
  • Medication on prescription
  • Evacuation/emergency return
  • Remains repatriation
  • Travel assistance
  • Special coverages that differ by policy/provider

Q. Is insurance mandatory for Super visa?

A. Yes, applicants for a Canadian super visa must have adequate Canada super visa insurance. Applicants must have health insurance that fulfils Canadian requirements. Super visas are issued with the condition that applicants will not place a significant financial burden on Canada's publicly financed healthcare system. Hopefully, you'll never need any serious medical treatment while in Canada. Still, if you do, you'll need a Super Visa insurance in Canada to show that you have enough medical insurance to cover you in an illness or accident.

Q. Is Super visa insurance refundable?

A. Although the Super Visa insurance Canada is effective for a full year, a super visa insurance refund could apply if the insured returns early. Most providers will reimburse unused days less an administration fee, but some will repay the full payment regardless of the number of days remaining on the policy. You may also request a partial refund of your Super Visa Insurance Canada premium (if you have no claims on file with Super Visa Insurance Canada).

Q. Is medical covered in super visa?

A. Yes. The super visa insurance Canada plan will include medical coverage. This insurance covers unexpected medical and dental crises, hospitalisation, prescription medication, and repatriation. To qualify for a Super Visa application, applicants must acquire an emergency medical care package.

Q. What kind of insurance do I need for super visa?

A. One of the conditions for obtaining a super visa is having medical insurance covering you for at least a year from your entry into Canada. This is referred to as Super Visa Insurance. Any Canadian insurance firm or a recognised foreign insurance company may provide medical Super Visa insurance Canada.

Q. Minimum required levels of coverage?

A. Applicants must purchase Canada Super Visa insurance from a Canadian insurance firm. Healthcare, repatriation, and hospitalisation should be covered. It must provide at least $100,000 in coverage and be valid each time the parent or grandparent visits Canada. The parent or grandparent must be able to show an officer at the port of entry proof that they have Super Visa insurance in Canada.

Q. Are there alternatives to super visa insurance?

There are no alternatives for Canada super visa insurance. Proof of medical insurance for sponsored relatives is a requirement for super visa approval. There are, however, other visa schemes that do not need super visa insurance Canada. They are as follows:
  • The guest visa for six months
  • Use a passport if they are from a visa-free nation as verified by the CBSA.
  • The Sponsorship Program for Parents and Grandparents (PGP).
Every coverage is unique, so thoroughly research and compare policies before getting your super visa insurance in Canada.

Q. Are pre-existing conditions covered by super visa insurance?

A. In Canada, super visa insurance normally does not cover pre-existing medical illnesses or conditions for which someone is undergoing continuing medical care. In some situations, if you had no symptoms or a diagnosis of an illness for 180 days before the policy's effective date and did not receive treatment for the condition during that time, it will not be considered a pre-existing condition throughout your coverage term. When filling out a quote form, you will be allowed to list any pre-existing conditions. During the underwriting process, several circumstances may be excluded from your super visa insurance Canada coverage.

Q. How much does medical insurance for super visa cost?

A. Super visa insurance costs vary widely. The monthly health insurance premium for a single parent or grandparent visiting Canada is normally between $100 and $200. Still, this fee might vary according to the individual's age and health profile. A couple travelling together may save money by getting individual Super Visa insurance Canada coverage. The cost of Super Visa insurance varies based on your provider and plan. The following factors influence super visa insurance Canada premiums:
  • Candidate's age
  • Duration
  • Applicant's medical history
  • The amount of coverage
  • The tax deduction

Q. Do I have to buy super visa insurance from a Canadian company?

A. A Canadian insurance company must currently issue a super visa insurance Canada coverage. This is advantageous to the applicant because Canadian corporations understand the Canadian healthcare system and simplify the claims process. As of July 4, 2022, one can obtain super visa insurance Canada from a non-Canadian insurance firm approved by the Canadian government. You can buy a super visa insurance policy in Canada or another country.

Q. When does the insurance for the super visa start?

A. When applying for Super Visa Insurance Canada, remember that coverage should not begin until the Visa is issued with confirmed travel dates. Super visa insurance begins when a visitor enters Canada. If plans change, contact your provider to update the coverage start date. The coverage will terminate when you cancel your Super Visa Insurance Canada or return to your home country. If your policy expires, it will cease on that day. You can extend your Super Visa for up to one year before your current status expires by submitting an extension application.

Q. Can I pay Super visa insurance Monthly?

A. Yes, Super Visa Insurance is also available in monthly instalments! If you bring your parents on a Super Visa and find it impossible to pay for the insurance all at once, you may also choose payment method of Super Visa Insurance monthly instalments! Experienced Advisors can assist you in selecting the best Insurance coverage while keeping your budget in mind.

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