Canadian Super Visa Insurance

Visitor Visa or Super Visa?

Parents as of Dec 1, 2011 have a choice to either apply for regular tourist visa or super visa to come to Canada, here are some differences:-

  • With tourist visa they can only stay in Canada for 6 months from the date of entry, and have a option apply for extension of stay within Canada for two years whereas super visa allows them to stay in Canada for 2 years without being required to apply again.
  • Success rate of getting super visa is much higher (87%) than regular visa.
  • Processing time of regular visa is much shorter within 4-5 days, you get the decision of acceptance or refusal where as super visa processing can take 4-8 weeks.
  • To qualify for super visa you have to meet with income requirements (LICO) where as for visitor visa no such requirements.
  • Visitor visa has a possibility of just getting for 6 months and have to reapply if want to come again, where as super visa gives peace of mind for next ten years multiple entry with no need to apply for visa for next ten years.
  • Parents who were previously declined for visitor visa when applied under super visa, got approved.
  • Applications under super visa need to accompany with Super visa insurance where as visitor visa does not have any mandatory requirements.
  • Success of super visa can be seen in last 1 year 11,000 super visa were issued to parents or grandparents.

Super Visa is definitely a good choice to go with if you meet with income requirements and you want to get your parents get visa with higher chances of getting this special visa.


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