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Why visitors insurance?

It is obvious that you can not predict when you will be in need for some medical attention as accidents are bound to happen in a country. Now, it is simple to get an accident but it is even simpler to find your self in dealing with overwhelming charges while being hospitalized. But, if you will have a visitor's insurance policy you will be able to get over your problems in a better way.

Visitors insurance gives travelers whose health insurance coverage is not international some peace of mind. Rather than hinder your travel plans, add visitor insurance to your plans and travel with confidence.

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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Visitors to Canada insurance provides emergency medical coverage for sickness and accident. Emergency means an unexpected sickness or an injury which requires medical attention. Although Canada has one of the world's best health systems, it is expensive. Hospital costs can be over $3,000.00 daily.Visitors to Canada insurance provides medical coverage for persons not covered under a provincial health plan. This would include the following:

  • Visitors to Canada.
  • Immigrants to Canada.
  • Foreign workers.
  • International students.
  • Returning Canadians waiting for provincial coverage.

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