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Picture the thrill of reuniting with your children and grandchildren in Canada and sharing laughs, tales, and those priceless moments that warm your heart. But amid all that excitement, there's a niggling worry, you know? The what-ifs about your health and unexpected emergencies while you're on your visit.

Imagine having a safety net that's not just some fancy extra but an absolute necessity for your survival. Enter the Parent Super Visa Insurance - it's like a friendly hand to guide you through those tricky times. It's more than just some policy; it's like a bridge that links you to the joy of family while keeping a watchful eye on your well-being. So, what's the lowdown on this Super Visa insurance for parents?

Parent Super Visa Insurance is tailor-made for those parents or even grandparents of Canadians or those with permanent residency who are in for a long stay in Canada. It's the golden ticket to rocking a Super Visa, which lets you stay in Canada for two solid years without the stress of getting a new one. You can't afford to miss out on getting a Super Visa Insurance for parents– it's the real Most Valuable Player for having your back for any health issues that might come your way.

This insurance is like your ultimate bodyguard, covering everything from medical costs to hospital bills, and if the going gets tough, even whisking you away in a medical emergency. Let's say you're all set to visit your family in Canada and thinking about getting that Super Visa – well, you've got to lock in this Insurance to tick all the boxes. It's your golden ticket to a more straightforward visa process, plus those all-important health benefits to keep you in shape while you visit. Make sure to find trustworthy insurance companies that dish out plans that fit your preferences and wants.

Super Visa Insurance Canada Parent Super Visa Insurance Canada
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We rank among the largest broker firms. GMS, Manulife Financial, Travel Guard, Travel Shield, TuGo, Allianz, Blue Cross, SRMRM Inc., and TIC are just a few of the companies whose plans and insurance products we sell. Finding a plan with the best fit for your needs and the most affordable insurance rates is what we care about. Instead of working for insurance companies, we work for the benefit of our clients. The most recent CIC modifications are reflected in every one of our insurance plans. We provide health and medical insurance as well as visitor and trip insurance as well as Super Visa insurance for parents and grandparents.

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Parent Super Visa Insurance Canada

Parent Super Visa Insurance Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our super visa insurance plans for parents have you fully covered when it comes to medical needs. We're talking about doctor visits, hospital stays, drug prescriptions, etc.

  • Flexible Plan Choices: You've got options galore! Pick and choose from various coverage choices that match your needs and won't break the bank. Find that sweet spot where your budget meets your needs.

  • High Coverage Limits: We've pumped up the protection levels on all our Parent Super Visa Insurance Plans for your beloved parents or grandparents. It's like wrapping them up in a warm, secure blanket.

  • Hassle-Free Claims Process:We get it – no one wants a headache regarding claims. Filing for your parent super visa insurance claim is a breeze with our committed team. All they are concerned about is making your life easier so you can face your family.

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance: We're available all the time because life's unexpected twists don't follow a 9-to-5 schedule. Whether it's a medical emergency or a rough day, our experts are always on standby, ready to lend a hand.

  • Travel Assistance: Our Super Visa insurance plans do more than cover medical stuff. Think about lost luggage, trip hiccups, and even replacing travel documents. They've got your back beyond health too.

  • Worldwide Coverage: From Canada to wherever the winds take you, our Parent Super Visa Insurance has you in its protective embrace. Travel far and wide, knowing your family's got a safety net, no matter the horizon.

  • Financial Security: Unexpected medical bills can drain your savings, but fear not! Our insurance acts like a fortress around your finances so you can rest easily.

  • Affordable Premiums: We're all about good deals. Our premium rates won't have your parents or grandparents breaking a sweat. It's all about quality coverage that will keep the bank intact.

Who Needs Parent Super Visa Insurance?

Have you got parents or grandparents aiming to check out Canada on a Super Visa? Well, they must have up-to-date Super Visa Insurance. The Canadian government demands this insurance to make sure visitors are covered in case they need health care while they're there. With Super Visa Insurance for parents, you can shield your family from surprise medical expenses and ensure their well-being during their journey.

At, we specialize in hooking you up with Insurance plans that are comprehensive and pocket-friendly. We make it a breeze to fulfill the insurance requirements and ensure your parents or grandparents are all good and cozy during their stay in Canada with our wide array of coverage options, flexible choices, and top-notch customer service. Don't leave your family and friends’ health up to fate. Grab some Super Visa Insurance today to hit the road without fretting!


Finding out if you are eligible for Parent Super Visa Insurance is essential. Here are some important things that affect eligibility:

  • Age Limits: Generally, this insurance suits parents or grandparents aged 40 to 85, although the age range might differ between insurance companies.
  • Relationship Requirements: To qualify, you've got to be linked legally to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, whether through blood or adoption, as their parent or grandparent.
  • Super Visa Requirement: Often, you can't avoid insurance if you're gunning for a Super Visa, which lets your parents and grandparents kick it in Canada for a good while. It would be best to have either a valid Super Visa or or be in the process of getting one.
  • Medical Examination: Some insurance providers might ask for a health checkup to see if you're fit enough to be insured. The results can influence who's eligible and the coverage options up for grabs.


Dying to ensure your loved ones are safe while chilling in Canada? You don't have to worry yourself because we are here to put you through. So, this is how it goes:

  • Get the necessary paperwork: Round up key papers like the applicant's passport, proof of relationship (think birth or marriage certificates), any required medical exam results, and a copy of the Super Visa itself. The paperwork is a pain, but we're here to smooth it out for you.
  • Explore MSG Canada Insurance Inc.: Check out our various Super Visa Insurance options. We're all about crafting plans that suit your needs, ensuring they're safe and relaxed in Canada.
  • Obtain the Application Form: You can get one by giving our customer service a ring or downloading it from our website; they're stoked to help. We're all about simplifying life, so we also offer the online application route.
  • Fill Out the Application: Fill out the form carefully, ensuring every little detail is correct and complete. It's all about a seamless and swift process; the devil is in those details.
  • Submit the Required Documents: Toss in that filled-out application form and any other requested documents when you submit. For a quick and thorough review, go for easy-to-read copies.
  • Review and Send: Double-check all that info before you hit send. We're sticklers for accuracy because we know it's a big deal. Once you're good to go, fire off the application and paperwork.
  • Follow Up and Confirmation: Once you've sent it, we'll give your application a careful review. We'll keep you informed and share any updates you need. Our team's on it, putting your peace of mind front and center.

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I had lot of concern about my Parents preexisting condition while preparing their application for super visa, but was not sure, how insurance plans works, what is covered and what is not. I come to know about Parent Super Visa insurance... , all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. very happy with the service, would recommend to family friends.

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Pinky Sharma

If I could give more than 5 stars, I absolutely would have given extra stars. It's the best legit insurance company in Canada. The staff is very helpful to compare and held us understand and various products in the market. They have great... services and great benefits with good policies. I highly recommend to family and friends.

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Karan Jammu

I bought 4 policies from this insurance company. i have brilliant experience with them. I advise to everyone if you want to buy a health insurance go with them. Specially Harpreet Mam who guide me and help... me to bring my parents and parents in law in canada. Thank you all for your all services.

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Harjit Sandhu

I purchased my mother’s super visa insurance from and I got very good price and I must say that I am very happy with their services amd would like to recommend to try once to others.

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Amit Garg

Super Visa insurance great services and benefits, with good prices. Highly recommended.

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Rekha Rani

Never do business with these Fraudsters. They will NOT refund your money If the Supervisa application is denied or you decided not to proceeded forward with it. They will keep your money and sweet talk you... The biggest scammer of all of them is Rahman, he will tell you that you qualify for some special plan and then commit fraud to pocket all your money. Please beware of this company they're a HUGE scam. I don't normally take time to write reviews but I am in this case to help anyone else out there who might be dealing with these people. And owner DO NOT message me saying how sorry you are about the experience that I've had with your Fraudulent company, it means absolutely nothing to me.

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Kman DJ

Excellent and quick service. Staff is very polite and helpful. I highly recommend them for any kind of service related to policy plans.

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Amandeep Kaur

I've a super visa insurance. Great product.

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Pratik Lalseta

Excellent service. Spoke to Love and she was really polite. Highly recommend.

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Dry good services & best prices according to market. personally using service with msg from last 6. Years.

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Krishan Kumar

Very polite nature ... Provide service on time, gud experience.

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Nandini kapoor

I got my parents Super visa insurance done from MSG Canada Insurance.Really appreciate the way they deal with their customers. Best Prices,Maximum Benefits truly recommended.

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Neetu insan

Great Prices. Good value for money.

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Apurba Paul

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Q. How to apply for Super visa insurance?

A: Getting Super visa insurance isn't a walk in the park, but here's the deal: you must meet specific requirements and follow a particular process. You can submit your application online or by mail through the Canadian immigration office. Sending in an invitation letter, proof of financial support, confirmation of medical insurance, and other necessary documents are involved in this process. For all the nitty-gritty details, it's wise to check out the official government website or talk to an immigration expert who knows the ropes.

Q. How does insurance for Parent Super Visa work?

A: Listen up! If you want that Parent Super Visa, you must have your insurance game on point. This insurance is like a shield against medical costs for your parents or grandparents while they're kicking it in Canada. The insurance needs to tick all the right boxes set by the Canadian government. It covers medical emergencies, hospital stays, and other medical bills. You must pay for it upfront, but it's like a safety net that lasts as long as the visa is in action.

Q. What are the benefits of a parent super visa?

A: Listen to this: the parent super visa is like a golden ticket to Canada for your parents or grandparents. They can stay for two years without needing a fresh permit. That's not all – they enjoy Canada's healthcare perks, ensuring they're taken care of while in the country. And let's not forget being covered by insurance also means that unexpected medical bills can be taken care of.

Q. How long does parent super visa insurance coverage last?

A: Parent Super Visa Insurance hangs out as long as the super visa itself. You must have valid insurance for at least a year and renew it annually. It's not just a visa requirement but a 24/7 safety blanket for their health.

Q. Who needs parents' and grandparents' super visa insurance?

A: You need to check off a bunch of boxes to score that super visa in Canada. And one of those boxes? Super Visa insurance. It's like a superhero cape for your parents and grandparents with Canadian citizens or permanent resident relatives. If they plan to chill in Canada for around two years, you better believe they need this coverage. No coverage, no dice – and that's where a Super Visa insurance package rides to the rescue.

Q. What does super visa insurance cover?

A. Hold onto your hats because this insurance has got your back! If your parents or grandparents are Canucks or permanent residents, this insurance covers them like a warm blanket. We're talking hospital emergencies, dental mishaps, X-rays, medicals, emergency evacuation – you name it. It even covers coming back home in case the worst happens. And don't even get me started on the travel assistance and special coverages because they're all part of the deal.

Q. Is insurance mandatory for a super visa?

A. If you're eyeing that Canadian super visa, you better come prepared with insurance that follows all the healthcare rules. Super Visas are for individuals who will put a manageable amount of pressure on Canada's healthcare budget. Even if the chances of getting sick aren't sky-high, you must be on your game. If something goes down, having legit Super Visa insurance in Canada is like waving a flag that says, "I got this!"

Q. Is Super visa insurance refundable?

A. So, your Super Visa insurance Canada deal might be for a whole year, but what if you have a head back early? Some insurance providers might give you back cash for the days you didn't use, minus a little admin fee. But if you still have loads of days left, you might hit the jackpot and get a full refund. And hey, if you have to file claims, you might even get a piece of the insurance pie.

Q. Does a super visa medically cover one?

A. You better believe it! That Canadian Super Visa insurance is like a superhero's shield against medical curveballs. It's got your back for those unexpected dental emergencies, hospital visits, prescriptions, and even getting you back home in one piece. To get that stamp of approval, you must buy an emergency medical care package for your Super Visa application.

Q. What kind of insurance do I need for super visa?

A. If you're aiming for that super visa in Canada, you have to flash some medical insurance that's got your back for at least a year after you land. They call it "Super Visa Insurance" – fancy, huh? You can grab this Medical Super Visa insurance from any good insurance company in Canada or from one of those global names.

Q. What is the minimum coverage required for Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Insurance?

A. To be eligible for a Canada Super Visa, you have to jump through the hoops of a Canadian insurance company. Your insurance game must cover medical stuff, flying home, and checking into a hospital. At least $100,000 of coverage must be in the cards for each trip your parent or grandparent makes to Canada. And when they step off the plane, they better have the paperwork to show they're covered.

Q. Are there alternatives to super visa insurance?

No magic potion to replace Super Visa insurance in Canada exists. If you're gunning for a Super Visa, you better show that your family has health coverage lined up. But hold on a sec – other visas don't need you to show off Super Visa insurance. We're talking about a visitor visa, good for half a year, or using your passport if you're from one of those visa-free countries. Plus, there's that Sponsorship Program (PGP) for Parents and Grandparents if you've got some hook-ups.

Q. Does super visa insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

A. Regular Super Visa insurance in Canada usually gives the cold shoulder to any health issues hanging around before you sign up. If your condition wasn't giving you grief 180 days before the insurance kicked in and you weren't seeking help, they might not call it "pre-existing." They're making sure the coverage remains unchanged by the preceding event before the insurance took effect.

Q. How much does parent and grandparent super visa insurance cost?

A. Listen up, because the price tags on Super Visa insurance are everywhere. On average, you're shelling out $100 to $200 monthly for a single parent or grandparent ready to explore Canada. But remember, that amount is as unpredictable as the weather – it can change depending on age and health. If you're a duo on an adventure, separate coverage might save you some dough.
The pricing of Super Visa insurance can fluctuate depending on the provider and the chosen plan. Several factors contribute to determining premiums for Super Visa insurance in Canada: :
  • The age of the applicant
  • Duration of coverage
  • The applicant's medical history
  • he selected coverage amount
  • Tax considerations

Q. Do I have to buy parent super visa insurance from a Canadian company?

A. Big news! Super Visa insurance in Canada used to be a Canadian affair, but now there's a new kid in town. Since July 4, 2022, you can get Super Visa insurance from non-Canadian companies that got the thumbs-up from the Canadian government. So, you have options – grab a policy from within Canada or venture into international waters.

Q. When does super visa insurance start?

A. Super Visa Insurance doesn't kick in until your feet hit Canadian soil. The coverage starts as soon as you step into the land of the maple leaf. If your plans do a 180, ping your provider to shift the start date. It sticks around till your Super Visa Insurance Canada journey ends or you say "adios" to Canada. And if you want to keep the party going, you can extend your Super Visa up to a year before the clock runs out.

Q. Can I pay super visa insurance monthly?

A. Definitely! Super Visa Insurance is all about making life easy. Refrain from sweating if you're sponsoring your parents, and those upfront insurance dollars give you a headache. You can spread the payments out monthly, and our wise advisors can give you the lowdown on finding the right coverage without emptying your wallet.

Q. What is parent and grandparent super visa insurance?

A. This insurance is the real MVP. If you're the parent or grandparent of a permanent Canadian resident, this insurance is your ticket to visit Canada. It's a must-have if you're planning an extended stay. Emergency medical expenses, hospital stays, and even getting back home – this insurance covers you. It is like the VIP pass for the Super Visa journey.

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