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GMS Super Visa insurance can cover your medical expenses while you're in Canada, whether you're simply stopping by or hoping to make it your permanent home. All Super Visa applicants, frequent visitors to Canada, and travellers planning extended stays will all benefit from the GMS Annual Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Plans. This GMS Super Visa insurance is designed to cover\slosses resulting from unexpected, unplanned, and unforeseen occurrences. It gives 365 days of uninterrupted coverage for emergency medical bills in Canada. Apply for a GMS Super visa insurance with MSG Canada Insurance lnc. to help protect you and your family from unforeseen costs due to a medical emergency while visiting Canada. We will be there to ensure you get the treatment you need anytime you are flying to see your family or friends in Canada for a few days or months. For the sake of your family's well-being, we are pleased to offer competitive rates from GMS Super Visa Insurance and Medical Insurance Plan.


To be eligible for GMS Super Visa insurance coverage, on the effective date, you must:

be at least not more than 80 years of age;

Be a visitor to Canada or a person in Canada under valid Super Visa insurance, not have spent more than $5,000 on medical care while in Canada in the previous twelve (12) months.

not require medical attention aside from routine therapy for a chronic ailment or a medical evaluation necessary to get a travel permit;

Not having ever been rejected similar coverage given by another Canadian insurer;

not having been diagnosed with a terminal illness or suffering new or unidentified symptoms and receiving new medical care (e.g. consultation, tests, or prescription drugs); or not having had a change in your medical treatment; and

not require assistance from another person with daily living tasks (dressing, bathing, eating, using the toilet or getting in or out of a bed or chair).

Coverage starts and ends:

1. Coverage commences on the effective date with no waiting time if you apply before you arrive in Canada or buy to continue coverage without a gap from another policy that provides identical coverage from a Canadian insurance carrier.

2. If you are uninsured and apply during the first thirty (30) days of arrival in Canada, injury coverage commences on the effective date, and coverage for medical problems other than injury has a two (2) day waiting period.

3. If you are uninsured and apply more than thirty (30) days after arriving in Canada, injury coverage commences on the effective date, and coverage for medical problems other than injury has a seven (7) day waiting period.


This GMS Super Visa insurance provides coverage for the reasonable and customary rates for qualified expenses resulting from an unforeseen medical emergency that occurs while you are insured. Payment will be made up to the policy's dollar maximum, less any deductible specified on your verification. In addition, for no more than 48 hours after your original departure, coverage will be given between Canada and your country of origin at no additional charge.

Hospitalisation Covers: Pays for room and board in a hospital, up to a semi-private room, unless a doctor says otherwise (if medically necessary, charges for intensive and coronary care units are included). If a follow-up visit is needed, it must happen no later than fourteen (14) days after the first medical emergency, unless GMS tells you otherwise and permits you.

Medical Services: Covers the expense of having a physician, surgeon, anesthetist, or registered graduate nurse provide medical care to the patient.

Diagnostic Services: X-rays and other diagnostic tests are included in the Diagnostic Services section of the plan. This coverage does not cover magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac catheterisation, computerised axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms, ultrasounds, or biopsies unless such procedures are approved in advance by the GMS Super Visa insurance assistance company.

Continued Coverage - If coverage lapses while a person is hospitalized, all covered individuals will continue to be covered under GMS Super Visa insurance for a further 72 hours following their release.

In-Hospital Prescription Drugs - Covers the cost of prescription drugs and medication given by a physician (to a maximum of a 30-day prescription) (to a maximum of a 30-day prescription). Refills of medicines, and any associated physician’s expenses, are excluded from coverage.

24-Hour Travel Assistance - Medical care coordination, transportation, and repatriation; telephone interpretation services in most languages; progress monitoring by managed care during treatment and recovery. The cost of transporting a patient to a hospital in a medical emergency necessitates using a licensed road or air ambulance. GMS will cover the expenses for an air ambulance or regularly scheduled airline only when the attending physician's written referral and prior GMS approval are received.

Travel Outside of Canada - Benefits are available for trips to the United States and Mexico, as long as you are not a citizen of either of those countries. Your vacation must begin and end in Canada, with 50 per cent of the trip duration being spent in Canada.

Special Attendant: When approved in advance by the GMS super visa insurance assistance company and prescribed by an attending physician, a registered special attendant may be paid up to $3,000 for their professional services (other than by an immediate family member).

Licensed and insured home care Children: Payment up to $500, with prior GMS super visa insurance assistance company permission, for licensed care of dependent children if they are travelling with you.

Claims Procedure:

If you or someone on your behalf needs rapid medical attention due to an emergency, you must first contact us at 888-444-0076 for GMS SuperVisa Insurance before filing a claim. Failure to contact the GMS Emergency Assistance Center during the first 24 hours of treatment or hospitalization will result in the insurance benefits otherwise payable being limited to 70% of qualifying expenses. Fill out a Claim Form and include all of your original medical and prescription drug receipts to get reimbursed for your costs. Send the completed form, along with your receipts, to the address supplied by the GMS Super Visa Emergency Assistance Center when you called.


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