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Blue Cross underwrites so many groups (employer) insurance policies across the country, which has helped make it recognisable in Canada. Blue Cross offers annual travel insurance as part of these group plans, including extended health and dental coverage. They have been providing insurance to Canadian travellers for a long time. However, elderly travellers with stable pre-existing diseases are covered by the Blue Cross super visa insurance. At the same time, out of concern for its customers' families, Blue Cross Super Visa insurance decreased its premium prices, making them far more affordable than its competitors. Our Visitors to Canada Travel Plan protects against the high expense of emergency medical care for international visitors entering Canada for pleasure or business, international students, immigrants, and foreign employees entering Canada to seek permanent residency legally. Even if you acquired the Blue Cross Super Visa Insurance before coming to Canada, it starts working the day you land. The plan can also be purchased within 30 days of arrival, and coverage begins 72 hours after application .


The following requirements must be satisfied on the effective date for you to be eligible for Blue Cross Super Visa insurance:

  • A covered person must be at least 31 days old and no older than 79 years old;
  • Must be immigrants or permanent residents awaiting eligibility for the government health insurance plan or those who have completed the procedures for attaining immigrant or permanent resident status
  • Must be a foreign worker in Canada who possesses a work permit
  • Must be an international student in Canada who has a study permit
  • Must be a visitor to Canada

A person insured by Blue Cross Super Visa Insurance cannot

  • Have been advised medically not to travel
  • Have a terminal illness
  • Have kidney failure that requires dialysis treatment
  • Have been diagnosed with or are currently receiving treatment for metastatic cancer
  • Do not have basal cell carcinoma; have been diagnosed, treated, or taken medication in the past year for cancer
  • Suffer from cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure
  • Have one or more of the following conditions: kidney failure, lung disease; heart disease; bone marrow failure; or pancreas failure, and require an organ transplant
  • Have used home oxygen or taken corticosteroid tablets for a pulmonary ailment in the previous 24 months


During the Blue Cross Super Visa insurance coverage period, benefits are provided for reasonable and usual costs incurred during an emergency caused by an accident or sudden sickness within the borders of Canada and the United States. These costs are restricted to only those items that have been determined to be urgent and essential to the recovery of the patient's medical condition. Rather than replacing government-sponsored programs in Canada or the insured's place of residence, this insurance offers additional advantages. Blue Cross Super Visa Insurance covers visits to Canada and the US. This policy covers only Canadian departure and returns airports in the United States. The insurance does not cover hospitalisation, medical, and paramedical expenses paid by a U.S. permanent resident who visits Canada as a visitor and then returns to the U.S.

Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers the cost of a semi-private hospital room.

Medical benefits

The Blue Cross super visa insurance provides maximum benefits with coverage of $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000.

Physicians’ fees

Costs for medical services are reasonable and usual but do not exceed the maximum rates set by the local government entity where the services were delivered.

Medical appliances

Blue Cross super Visa insurance covers the cost of medical aids such as crutches, orthotics, and braces (if prescribed by a doctor), along with the rental of wheelchairs and other mobility devices (if prescribed by a doctor).

Nursing care

It covers the cost of a graduate nurse who is not a family member to provide private care while in the hospital and when it is medically necessary and ordered by the attending doctor

Professional services

Professional services from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, or podiatrist, up to a maximum of $300 per profession, if the attending doctor says it is medically necessary (a part of emergency treatment)

Diagnostic services

The costs of any tests or X-rays ordered by the attending physician, including those ordered by the lab

Drugs and medicines

Covers the Doctor-prescribed medications unless needed to stabilise a persistent disease

Dentist services

Fees charged by dentists for urgent dental care, excluding root canal therapy, are limited to $300 per visit and per insured person

Ambulance or taxi service

Transport costs by land or air to the nearest recognised medical institution, including inter-hospital transfer when the attending physician and CanAssistance conclude that existing facilities are insufficient to treat or stabilise the patient's condition

Repatriation to the residence

The following authorisation from the attending physician and Medi-Assist covers the expense of returning to your home country using the necessary transportation to receive immediate medical care.

Return of the deceased

You can spend up to $4,000 to perform an on-site cremation or burial or up to $10,000 if you'd like to prepare and transport the deceased (without purchasing a casket) (excluding the cost of a coffin, an urn and a gravestone). In addition, the Insurer will reimburse the following expenditures if a friend or relative of the deceased covered person is required to go to the place of death to identify the dead:

  • Cost of round-trip economy class transportation for a single traveller in economy on the most cost-effective route
  • You can spend up to $300 a night at a commercial facility for food and lodging

Subsistence allowances:

There is a maximum benefit of $1,000 ($100 per day, for up to a maximum of 10 days) to cover the expense of lodging and food when an insured's return is delayed due to illness or accident, whether the insured is a member of their immediate family or a travelling companion.

Waiting Period For Illness:

There will be no waiting if the insurance is obtained before your arrival or before the expiry of identical coverage in Canada.

If the insurance is obtained after the covered person's arrival in Canada or after a similar policy has expired: The coverage begins on the day of purchase, however, there is a 3-day waiting period for illness beginning on that day. During this time, the insured person is covered for accidents and injuries but not for illness. If an illness develops during the waiting time, it will be treated as a pre-existing medical condition.

Claims Procedure:

If you are travelling and an emergency arises, please contact Blue Cross Travel Assistance as soon as possible at the following numbers:888-444-0076.
Assistance agents are available to the insured individual 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NOTICE: Failure to contact the assistance centre in the event of medical consultation or hospitalization following an accident or sudden sickness may result in the requested compensation being denied.
All claims must be reported in writing to Blue Cross Super Visa Insurance Company within 30 days of purchase, and all original documentation must be sent to the insurance company within 90 days.
To acquire a claim form, contact the Customer Service Department at 888-444-0076 anywhere in Canada and other provinces too


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