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Why it works?

  • No need to wait for years to reunite with parents or grand parents. They can be with you in a mater of few weeks.
  • More Information needed on medical reasons.
  • Medical expenses in case of medical emergencies covered by super visa insurance - No stress or worry.
  • Freedom of travelling for parents and grandparents at their will and not having to apply for visa every time.
  • As a couple you both could go to work and kids can stay home with grandparents.
  • Once immigration application starts again, simply apply for immigration - which may again take few years but now they don't have to wait back home and can be with you while application is in process.
  • Success rate of super visa for parents is very high 87% in comparison to regular visitor visa and is only available for parents and grand parents.
  • Many parents who had pending immigration application, came to Parentsupervisa on super visa - their final application processing completed within Parentsupervisa and got immigration status within Parentsupervisa.

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