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Q: Can I change the activation date of the plan after purchase based on the exact arrival date of my mother?


Q: If she spends only two months and return to the home country, will the insurance put in hold and resume when she is back?


Q: If the visa application is rejected will she get full refund?


Q: Partial refund for non-clam after she travels ( spending less than a year in Canada). Which documents you need to prove her travel?


Q: How can I save 37% for the below quote you send to me?


Q: Should i buy-deductible or no deductible?

A: This all depends on the amount of risk you can take for example if you buy $1000 deductible it means you will pay first 1000 each time during claim, over and above policy will pay where as if you pick zero deductible the covered condition all amount will be covered by insurance policy.

Q: Finally, can you please send me a sample policy form showing the benefits that she will get for the $0 deductible “ with and without” Pre-existing conditions covered.


Q: What Pre-existing conditions means? My parents have pre-existing condition will super visa insurance cover that, conditions are stable?

A: Pre existing are the medical condition which can be illness, sickness, injury whether diagnosed or not by doctor. Pre existing is the health condition which existed before buying the super visa insurance.condition may have received consultation or not it does not matter. Yes you can buy the super visa insurance which will cover the pre existing conditions as long as they are stable with the definition of insurance companies,

Stable means no change in symptoms, dosage, treatment , medical test recommended not completed again term of condition need to be read as it varies from insurance company to company.Stable period can be 90 days to one year..

Always consult the doctor if not sure about the health of your parents.
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Q: Can you tell me a number and location where I can reach you?

A: Direct 416-834-0650 --1877-525-1278
Address: 10-7003 Steeles Ave W, Toronto ON M9W 0A2

Q: CAN I buy super visa insurance from country of origin of my parent like home country rather then from the Canadian insurance company?

A: No you need to buy insurance from the Canadian insurance companies and it makes your life easy as well for example if there is a claim with hospital dentist doctor its easy quick fast for the Canadian insurance to process the claim easy for the medical facility to put and access the claim ,there is the opton of the direct billing as well what that means in the event when you file claim insurance companies can pay direct to the medical facilities quicker and faster. Reimbursement is much quicker back in your pocket.

Canadian insurance compnies have very great infrastructure and highly regulated and are re-insured by the Assures which pay claim incase the insurance companies goes insolvent. This means that the claim will be paid any way and you are well protected by the Canadian insurance company policy.

Q: can I apply for super visa insurance? Which is called Parent Grandparent super visa insurance?

A: Parents and Grandparents of the Canadian resident can apply for the super visa as long as they satisfy the requirements and full fill the check list of CIC immigration department.

Parents and grandparent should be the true visitors and visa offer can see the file which satisfy the requirement or not. There are several factors which determine that the visit is genuine or not. Such as show the relation back country connections, reason to come to Canada, letter of invitation from the host, and for the complete list check CIC.

Q. super visa quick check list?

CIC immigration website should be consulted.

To have a quick browse list is as follows

  • Parents and grandparents children should have enough funds income to sponsor
  • Prove of the super visa medical insurance from the Canadian company like parent super
  • Complete (IME) Medical examination form.

Q. CIC immigration has made it important to buy insurance from the Canadian companies why? And not from their home country of origin why?

A. There is strong reason for that as Canadian insurance industry is been regulated by the strong infrastructure and back up. and above all its good for the clients as well when there is a claim been filled , its easier, quick and fast to pay right away to doctors hospitals, rather than taking claims overseas, good for both parents and insurance company to pay doctors straight.

More over the Government does not want to take risk depending on the other countries insurance companies, as in Canada they are aware that there insurance company are regulated very closely.

Q: how much coverage for super visa insurance is required? Should I buy it before they get even VISA?

A: To have an idea of cost in hospitals here is an example one day cost in hospital can be as close to $4500 depending on the procedure requirements this may vary up and down. Not having insurance is like risking all of your assets to hospitals. Do not take RISK, insurance is the best option and safe option and above all peace of mind for you as well that parents health issues are covered, insurance can actually cover your parents pre-existing health conditions as well, so you do not have to worry at the time of discomfort pain of you parents or hard time and money should be last thing to worry about RIGHT.

Minimum requirement for the super visa insurance is 100,000 to apply

Q: Can I buy travel insurance for my other family members?

A: Yes travel insurance can be bought for any visitor to Canada, and should be bought as well as discussed above.

Q: can I save money if I buy 2 super visa policies?

A: parent super offers great options, we compare and shop with all providers of super visa insurance and guaranteed you that you will definitely 100% get the lowest prices and best policies depending on your parent current health situation we have 2 main types of policies one cover pre-existing condition’s where as other which does not cover the pre-existing conditions. You can apply for a quote online by visiting our website or call our toll free number.

Q: My parents have pre-existing health conditions ,can they still be covered under super visa health insurance.

A:Yes at the time of the application speak to our super visa insurance specialist who can explain to you all options available ,we have variety of option mainly 2 kinds one policy cover pre-existing where as other policy does not so call us 1877-525-1278.

Pre-existing condition should be stable, stable means no change in medication dosage treatment no hospitalization and no test results pending .

Only some of the available plans will cover pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc. Other policies, while they do cover stable pre-existing medical conditions, use

Q. do my parent need blood urine test to buy super visa medical insurance?

A: No. it’s simple like travel insurance you can buy over the

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