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Super visa insurance or visitor insurance provider in Eastern Canada, Toronto. Bring your family together in only 8 weeks with Super Visa Insurance. You can buy online in Toronto, or simply call us.

Compare cheap Canadian super visa insurance quotes and more in City of Toronto, Canada.

  • Lowest Premiums Guaranteed* - $100,000 coverage, $0 deductible.
  • 100% refund - If no Visa Granted for any reason.

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Super visa insurance Toronto, to apply for the super visa in Canada its important to buy the insurance for 100,000 coverage for one year for the parent super visa application.

Once the super visa insurance is bought just forward the details to the visa officer.Processing takes on average eight weeks.

Super visa insurance is one year coverage  which provides emergency coverage and hospital care.

Now Parents and the grand parent can visit Canada stay for two years without leaving Canada and enjoy the stay and they will be covered for medical insurance also when they buy super visa insurance.

Its mandatory to buy super visa insurance if you want to apply for the super visa application. Visa officer needs proof of the purchase 100,000 coverage for one year. policy needs to be bought from the Canadian

Its Medical insurance coverage for min 100,000 to cover parents, grandparents coming to Canada under  the category fo super visa application

We Offer

1)Lowest price for super visa insurance in Canada Guaranteed.

2) Flexible options in the super visa insurance change effective dates and deductible before parents come to Canada.

3) 100% refund back if the NO visa is not given at all.

4)Pro-Rated refunds or partial refunds if parents go back early provided no claim on the file.



All the applicants for the super visa application must have met a admissibility factor. As there are lots of other reason super visa can be denied.

7 big reasons to buy super visa insurance from

1) Two types of plans available(Plan A and Plan B) first which covers pre existing medical conditions which is paln B and other plan which does not cover the pre existing medical which is Plan A

2) Comprehensive super visa insurance policy which is top of the range.

3) All plans meet super visa insurance requirement.

4) Super visa can be set up in 7 minutes over the phone online, hassle free dealing, great service.

5) All plans cover Hospitalization ,repatriation and health care

6) Get coverage for one year and then renew it again buy 2 minutes call.
7) Visa refused not a problem Full refund with the denial letter.


If you are looking for the best advise to buy super visa insurance give us a call and see  the great shopping advise center experience well professional agents pressure free purchase.

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