SuperVisa Insurance has no record yet of paying claims its fairly new product in the market, there are so many companies now that it becomes difficult to choose from, there are mainly TWO IMPORTANT THINGS  to remember when Buying  Canadian INSURANCE.

1)Do you need to buy policy with pre-existing conditions or without pre-existing conditions

It means that one INSURANCE  POLICY WILL COVER YOUR parents previous health conditions, where as with no preexisting condition covered will not pay claim if policy does not cover preexisting conditions.

it is very important to make correct decision buying a cheap policy and getting exited and when a claims comes in you have to pay hundred thousand from your pocket even when you bought the policy.


SOME POLICIES will say super visa Canada,  but most important is that TO FIND  LOWEST INSURANCE COST at you will receive no obligation quote no sales pressure and most important right decision as they deal with all companies and you can pick right one for your parents, plus i received 40% discount as they deal with all Canadian providers.

All insurance companies in Canada are regulated very closely and all of them are re insured by other insurance companies so you are safe, your right claim will be paid, and above all even if you feel so change your mind at PARENTSUPERVISA .CA you have 10 days cooling off period after the purchase of the policy, and if the SUPER VISA IS REFUSED 100% money is refunded back to the clients all you have to do is show visa declined you cant go wrong.

It is advisable to read the INSURANCE POLICY, so that you understand what is covered and what is not covered no surprises.


This is actually a simple travel policy which will cover for 12 months for 100,000 dollars for emergency medical cost for you parents, it does not cover the routine visit to a family doctor, annual check ups, and regular prescription medications, when making decision on purchase of the super visa insurance make sure its 100,000 for 12 months and must include repatriation all the INSURANCE PLANS OFFERED by us  will include all of these benefits so your worry goes away.hence you save time and money. Guarantees Lowest Rates and Best coverage.


Following message from the CIC Government immigration web site.

Parents and grandparent of the Canadian citizen and permanent residents who have been found admissible to Canada and meet various other conditions are eligible for super visa insurance.

When making decision to grant super visa or not visa officer will see many following things, like will the visitor genuinely leave Canada at the end of there visa, and  will see the following factors to:

  • Parent’s home ties genuine or not.
  • The purpose to come to Canada.
  • Parent and sponsor family financial situations.
  • Parent home country stability.
  • Parent’s sponsor invitation.
  • Parent’s sponsor financial commitment to support their parent grandparents
  • (I.M.E.) medical examination form.

For more up dated forms contact CIC immigration office.


Yes use parent grandparent name on the super visa application, and even on the super visa insurance, best thing is exactly match the name from the passport on the SUPER VISA APPLICATION, SUPER VISA INSURANCE, SUPER VISA HEALTH INSURANCE, PARENT SUPER VISA INSURANCE, PARENT GRANDPARENT SUPER VISA INSURANCE, all means the same.

The address in Canada is the address where the kids sponsor live not the home address of parents. if you bought the comprehensive SUPER VISA INSURANCE , WHICH COVERS  FLIGHT connection, accidental death dismemberment needs a beneficiary usually the child sponsoring parents or grandparent.

Beneficiary can be any one it does not matter even not leaving in Canada.


If you want to save time and money and wants the professional advise, unbiased advise then go through the broker my advise or 1877-525-1278. A TOTAL EXCELLENT ADVISE , THESE people will shop for you , they will compare plans for you, they have experience with which SUPER VISA plan to pick , they are professionals

Using a broker has no cost to you, you pay exactly the same price as paying to direct to insurance company, using a professional will give to experienced UN biased advise and above all broker are licensed to give advise YOU CAN TRUST PARENT SUPER VISA INSURANCE OR 1877-525-1278 . THEY HAVE great product knowledge which you can take advantage from.

Any CIC immigration checklist to apply for Parent Grandparent Super Visa?

super visa check list:

  • Provide income proof such as notice of assessment from CRA(Canada Revenue)
  • Invitation letter for your parents and grandparents visit.
  • super visa insurance for minimum 100,000 dollars coverage for one year
  • super visa application to be submitted.


CHOICE is yours super visa Canada, super visa insurance or parent grandparent super visa is for 10 years where as travel or visit to Canada is 6 months visit to Canada, actually advise is super visa as its 10 years visa.

A super visa Canada is multiple entry visa for 10 years, and parents can stay for 2 years in each visit.


The good news  is YES, you can apply for the super visa if your parents are already in Canada with the requirements are the same except the super visa application is submitted in Canada.

What is the age band that my parents can apply ? Is there age limit to apply super visa Canada?

super visa medical health insurance or super visa health insurance, or super visa can be applied for any age group  call 1877-525-1278  or visit for free super visa quote.

For the online quote and even to apply you can do it under the age of 69 but at the age 80 u need to have the medical health questioner filled in, there are some Canadian super visa insurance plans which require medical questioner any way.


No, its mandatory to buy super visa insurance before you can apply or put the super visa application for the super visa  minimum coverage 100,000 for 12 months.

CAN I BUY super visa insurance from my parents home country? And not from Canada?

NO, the super visa insurance or super visa health insurance, or super visa emergency health insurance has to be bought from the Canadian insurance company.

Canadian immigration super visa office requires that the applicant must buy super visa insurance from the Canadian insurance company, that need to be valid at the port of entry to Canada, super visa policy can be English or french it does not matter.

This is even good for the visitors as when the claim is filled in Canadian insurance companies can verified quickly easily and the claim is paid quickly and process very fast more over the Canadian insurance companies are regulated very closely.

More over you can have the direct billing to the hospital through the Canadian insurance companies, bills claims are paid quicker faster and Canadian insurance industry is highly regulated in the world, and more over we have Assuris which insure the insurance company even more safer in the event that the insurance company is bankrupt Assuris take over the claim up to 60,000 dollars.

I cannot pay 12 month premiums in one go?

There is only one option to pay premiums for 12 months together super visa office does not accept monthly premiums coverage.


You can buy all other types of benefits Trip Interruption, Trip Cancellation provided plane tickets are bought from the Canada.Accidental death and dismemberment can also be added to the super visa insurance plan at time of purchase of super visa insurance.


What is covered in the super visa insurance?

Each super visa insurance coverage has emergency expenses covered, its important to read super visa insurance policy when purchased.


Do i have to re-Apply super visa insurance each time when my parent leave Canada and re enter multiple times with 12 months period of the super visa policy?
There is a benefit known as right of entry which allows the traveler to enter Canada multiple times during the life span of the policy which means you do not have to buy super visa insurance again if you have a valid super visa insurance for 12 months, within that time parents will be covered.This means parents can go to and fro between Canada and home country of parents as long as they have valid super visa insurance.


Parents can enter Canada multiple times in Canada with super visa, and super visa insurance during the(life span) period of super visa insurance.

super visa refused?

If super visa is refused all of your money(premiums) will be refunded back to you. the good news is 87% approval rate on the super visa application which is great.

Are there Partial refunds on super visa insurance if parent go back home early like before 12 months?

Yes majority of the insurance companies give back partial refund provided there is zero dollar claim on the file ie on the super visa insurance policy.It is advisable to read term and conditions of the policy as well.

what effective date to put on the super visa medical insurance?

As when we put the application of the super visa policy we do not know when the visa will be granted , and on average it takes about 8 weeks so recommendation is put 80 days or more this date can be changed any time like if visa is approved and you now know that parents are coming on such a date call back parent super visa insurance 1877-525-1278 and change the date to new date effective date or the date parents landing in Canada.

Can super visa insurance be extended further one more year?

Yes, all the insurance policies can be extended to one more year.

My parents want to go to other countries(like America or other) as well on super visa insurance will you cover them?

Yes, but majority of the stay should be in Canada.but emergency bills claims in home country not covered.kindly read the policy when purchased or visit or call 1877-525-1278.

If my parent and grandparents have to go home in emergency what happens to super visa coverage?

All of the policies sold at parent super visa .ca has provision to go to and fro between parents home country and Canada provided there is no major health issues or health change , in that situation insurance company needs to be notified.And partial refunds are also available if there is zero dollar claim on the file.

Any mis presentation and non disclosure will null and void the super visa insurance policy.

My super visa health insurance policy has exclusion in it what is this?

Exclusion is the limitation on the travel insurance policies which will not pay the claim under listed term and conditions:READ POLICY WHEN BOUGHT.


  • Pre-existing conditions not covered if they are not stable.
  • Travelling to listed countries at high risk. danger zone.
  • Participating in the hazard activities and sports.
  • losses while insane-depression, self injury,suicide attempt, mental nervous disorder.
  • Pregnancy, child birth, complications.
  • Death due to alcohol, drugs, or mis use of drugs.
  • Air flight other then commercial craft.

Can i cover these exclusion in any way?

Insurance for these all depends on the type of exclusion.
My parents have pre-existing condition will super visa insurance cover that, conditions are stable?

Pre existing are the medical condition which can be illness,  sickness, injury whether diagnosed or not by doctor.

Pre existing is the health condition which existed before buying the super visa insurance.condition may have received consultation or not it does not matter.

Yes you can buy the super visa insurance which will cover the pre existing conditions as long as they are stable with the definition of insurance companies,

Stable means no change in symptoms,  dosage, treatment , medical test recommended not completed again term of condition need to be read as it varies from insurance company to company.Stable period can be 90 days to one year.

Always consult the doctor if not sure about the health of your parents.

Does super visa insurance pays claim on time?

Yes, claims are paid about 99% , claims are only not paid if there is mis presentation non disclosure in any part of the application, you have to be care full here, if parents are healthy right buy policy with pre existing condition not covered but if the parents have some health issue before coming to Canada them by all means buy the policy  which covers pre existing health conditions and pre existing health condition needs to be stable within the definition of the insurance company.Again read policy.

Who to make sure that claim does not get denied?

make sure that what type of plan is good for your parent consult adviser there fore they are there for call 1877-525-1278 or visit

Do not close eyes and make error on the super visa insurance application ignorance is not the solution.if you are not sure about the health of your parent call them call doctor consult make right decision, guess work lands you in a claim not paid.Insurance companies have 99% claims ratio paid except mis presentation makes policy null and void.

you need to make decision whether you need pre exciting conditions needs to be covered or not.

What happens if my pre-existing condition is uninsurable?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Not all pre-existing conditions can be insured however you can still purchase a travel policy.

Is there any medical test required before we can buy Super Visa Emergency Medical Travel  Insurance? 
There is no medical examination required for purchasing a Super Visa Emergency Medical
Travel Insurance. If a medical questionnaire is required it is a form you will need to fill out online, the majority of Insurance Companies do not require a medical questionnaire to be filled out.  You can buy the policies online and get the policy issued to you the same day delivered to you by email.

it is advisable to have a letter from the doctor about the stable pre existing condition and which advise that parents can travel without limitations.

Should i buy-deductible or no deductible?

This all depends on the  amount of risk you can take for example if you buy $1000 deductible it means you will pay first 1000 each time during claim, over and above policy will pay where as if you pick zero deductible the covered condition all amount will be covered by insurance policy.

Can i apply super visa application and even buy super visa insurance even my parent are not in Canada?

Yes super visa application and super visa insurance can be bought with parent super or call 1877-525-1278 or apply can do all this on behalf of your parents,parent super will shop on your parents behalf and make sure you buy the right policy so that claim is not denied.

Can i but travel insurance with

Yes call 1877-525-1278 or visit online

How can i pay for super visa insurance?

You can pay with credit card, cheque, online e- transfer to account.

How quick Super visa policy be issued?

super-visa policies are delivered within 15 minutes, online application you can do it your self pay with credit card its easy simplified and can save a copy or send the same email policy to your parents oversea so that they can attach to a super visa  file.

Do i need wallet card?

This is to keep hotline numbers handy at time of emergency.


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